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If you're doing a kitchen remodel, don't forget about the cabinets. Enable this guide to serve as inspiration if you intend to paint or replace them. Fortunately, kitchen cabinets Cincinnati, OH compiled a list of all the hot kitchen cabinet trends for 2021, including which ones are likely to stick around. Prepare to learn something new!
It used to be all about fitting your kitchen supplies into any available space. This is no longer the case. More consumers are opting for sleeker and more trendy kitchen cabinets, such as open shelving, glass doors, or industrial looks, as white, light, and bright continue to dominate decoration trends.
In 2021, you'll see a combination of traditional and modern kitchen cabinet styles.
Open Shelving
Open shelving has become more common in the last year. Cabinet doors have been falling off hinges and more industrial kitchen shelving has been used as people pursue more space-saving opportunities for small kitchens.
We used to try to conceal our kitchen supplies in any drawer and cabinet we could find. People are now using open shelving to display their things as decorations. Open shelving has become increasingly common in farmhouse and industrial kitchen designs.
Kitchen Cabinets with Open Frames
Kitchen cabinet doors with open frames are a perfect combination between open shelving and conventional cabinets. They have glass panels on the inside that show your kitchen products.
Traditionally, every kitchen had a few of these to display fine china or barware, but many people are now integrating this 2021 kitchen cabinet trend into their daily lives. The illusion of open space increases the transparency of bigger, brighter kitchens, so this kitchen cabinet style fits well with more light and bright kitchens.
Reclaimed Kitchen Cabinets
Reclaimed kitchen cabinets can be the trend for you if you want to remodel your kitchen on a budget.
On home improvement shows, you'll see renovators refinishing old cabinets rather than purchasing new or custom cabinetry to save money; this is the philosophy behind reclaimed cabinets.
Slab Door Cabinets
Slab cabinet doors are extremely elegant and new. Some are so sleek that they don't even have knobs or handles! Slab kitchen cabinets have smooth, frameless fronts and can be found in a variety of glossy finishes.
Today, you will find slab cabinet doors in a glossy or wood finish all over the store. It's in line with the minimalist style movement. These cabinets are a great way to upgrade your kitchen and are particularly common in smaller spaces. With a neutral backsplash, sink, and board, you'll have the modern kitchen of your dreams.
Cabinets for a Transitional Kitchen
The word "transitional design style" may be a bit of a misnomer. Transitional style is essentially the blending of old and modern styles. It's the process of upgrading or modernizing more traditional looks by mixing them with more contemporary pieces.
More traditional cabinet styles with modern hardware, or a kitchen with modern shaker cabinets and a more traditional open frame display cabinet, are examples of transitional kitchen cabinets.

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14 June 2021

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